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Best And Top Quality Vending Services In Kathmandu.

Assuring 3 Months Free Service With 1 year Warranty,
Comparatively Better Than Any Other Vending Services Available In Nepal.


Be it a product that you need, be it a position that you seek, or you just like what you have seen so far do not
hesitate to reach out. We’re excited to start a conversation.


We are proud to offer the biggest range of coffee machines from all the leading brands of different industry. You can have multiple cup of coffee with the help of these machines. We offer high-quality products at the rate which you can afford. For years together, we have been studying the demands of people in and around Kathmandu, Nepal. And here we are with the solution as Rilu Enterprises (Vending Services). We focus on clientele satisfaction. So, find out what your needs are, and waste no time, in placing the order.

We also assure 3 months free service with 1 year warranty, comparatively better than any other vending services available in Nepal.